Friday, April 20, 2012

Dapper new helmet, a generous gift

My friend "Alfonso the Harley Guy" (but a Bulleteer honoris causa nonetheless) gave me a helmet from his rather vast collection. He said it would look dashing with my leather jacket and new goggles, and indeed it does. THANK YOU ALFONSO!

And then yesterday, a neighbor of mine in the parking lot repeated his offer to let me drive his 1976 BMW R-90 S, and in fact said that it wouldn't be a badidea to pay me to take it out from time to time.
Is that a new profession, like "dog-walker" or "cat-sitter"? I wonder what epígrafe "motorcycle caregiver" falls under in the Spanish Tax Code classifications....
Too bad I still have a year to go before I can upgrade my license from A2 to A. Grrrrr!

And no, I still haven't convinced anyone (such as its owner) to give me the BMW cruiser that usually parks outside my office window. Pedro Ogrix says I need it. I couldn't agree more.

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