Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kickstarting a Royal Enfield

The very morning I got back from Chicago, despite the jet lag, I just had to go see my Balita Roja and try starting her up. I had had some trouble with the battery early in the year but I was more than satisfied with the quick, smooth start the other day.
I've been practicing my kick-start technique again. Kick-starting a Royal Enfield is not hard but it does have its tricky points. One is that you don't have to use a lot of muscle power to get it going. In fact, too much force won't work at all. The other trick is to find the "sweet spot" where the piston lignes up correctly inside the cylinder so as to be able to fire. I'm still working on this, and get a lot of "dud" starts and backfires.
It of course is harder to kick-start whenever there's an audience looking on. I think it even specifies this in the Owner's Manual.

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