Monday, March 5, 2012

The Route to Colmenar de Oreja

Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Leave Madrid on the Valencia Highway (A-3), take exit 21 for Morata de Tajuña/Chinchón. It's a pleasant ride up the valley and then down to Morata. Cross through Morata and take the old road to Perales de Tajuña, turn right and take the new local highway M-315 to Valdelaguna (with its new bypass, go figure) and on to Colmenar de Oreja.
From Colmenar, after sipping on a glass of local red and eating some "patatas chulas", take the road towards Villarrubia de Santiago. I took the little side road to La Aldehuela, but the asphalt is in bad shape and it was more exhilerating taking the main road to Villarrubia. From Villarrubia you can go left toward Santa Cruz and Tarancón, on the N-400, or go the other way on the N-400 to Ocaña and see its Plaza Mayor.

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