Friday, June 14, 2013

Royal Enfield Bullet Re-conquers England! Part 1: the journey there.

Felipe II tried it back in 1588, and again in 1596 and a third time in 1599. Total failure.

So a few hundred years later I decided to retake England on the back of my Royal Enfield 500 cc Bullet Electra, La Balita Roja.

So off I went from Madrid on May 29 2013, bundles tied and boots on.
 I took the back rodes up into the Navacerrada mountain pass, covered in frost. -5ºC at 1880 meters. Shite!
 First stop was in Turégano, over the mountains in Segovia Province. What a pretty town with its plaza and its castle.
 Lunch in Roa, further up. Nice to get warm.
 I high-tailed it (100kph) on the new motorway to Santander so as not to miss my ferry crossing. It was raining cats and dogs for the last 100 km. By the time I got to the port, I figured I'd be alone on the ship. Wrong!
 Ugly wet rainy face?
 Raining. 110 motorbikes in line to get on. All Brits but me!
 Once inside it was all comfort in my little cabin!

 The captain anounced rough to very rough seas, waves at 3 meters, swells up to 5 meters. Would I get seasick and spend the whole time barfing?

 Naw. The rocking movement gave me an appetite. But I stuck to the salad bar and some nice cheese for dessert. And a bottle of red wine.

 There was free wifi in the common areas. I eventually turned in and slept like a baby.
Next morning, shower and no shave (I forgot to bring any shaving cream) and in search of breakfast. The food on board was actually good and not all that expensive considering where we were.

 As breakfast finished, the storms stopped and the clouds gave way to sun. We approached a very green looking island call England.

 The port of Plymouth was underdefended so I had no problem defeating them all and riding inland to conquer and invade at my leisure, up to my B and B at a little inn in a town called Uffculme (no idea how to pronounce it). Time for a pint of ale!
 This was the view from the tables outside where I had my ale:

So far, the invasion was going swimmingly. Recalling Felipe II's defeat due to terrible weather, though, I was fearful for how it would go later.
Stay tuned for Part 2: Going Native

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