Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Royal Enfield Bullet Re-conquers England! Part 2: Going Native

 Dawn of Conquest

The day dawned bright and clear and warm in Devon. I tucked into a full cooked breakfast before piling my belongings back onto the seat and fastening them down with bungee cords.

 I had time to ride as I pleased, since Richard said to meet him in a village called Tetbury after 2:00 pm. 
So off I went to look for green twisty lanes and quaint Olde Worlde villages and pubs.
Turns out they're everywhere!

Up for Rent as of last month. King George slept here in 1942.

Cheddar Gorge is Gorgeous!

It is true. I bought a huge wheel of aged cheddar here for Javi.
 I eventually wound my way to Bath but the traffic was horrid, the weather hot, and parking my bike seemed impossible anywhere near the city centre. I was still a bit green as a gringo in England so I scurried back to the countryside. Besides, I had spent 4 days in Bath about 20 years ago.

Devirtualizing with Richard Jones

 I moseyed my way to Tetbury by about 4pm and found Richard right in the center of town. The guy on the Harley! A historic occasion for Google Plus! Richard is nice, funny and calm; Angela is very nice too. They welcomed me to their home, put me in a great guest room.


Richard Jones in the Cotswold town of Broadway

Angela is totally great!
Ang made a lovely steak and salad dinner!

As Ang had to work on Saturday, Richard took me out and about the region. We went to Stratford for a pint and to look up Billy Shakespeare, but he wasn't home.
Can Billy come out and play, Mrs S?

Tea time?

Time for a pint of Doombar


You wanted quaint? You got it.

More bridge!

Bridge with tower!

Lady Macbeth. Naughty, not nice.

After a great day, blue skies and all, we headed back and went out to a Thai restaurant in Evesham.

On Sunday Ang was off work and the day looked fine, so we went westward towards Wales for a pint.

The last morning, a Monday, the weather was STILL sunny and warm. Richard joined me for a walk around Evesham.

There we said our goodbyes and he put me on the right road to Redditch.
Coming Up Next: Part 3: Return of the Native Bull

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