Monday, October 14, 2013

Cool Cat Chooses My RE Electra

I guess a cat can feel pretty smug about living at a cheesemaker's house. On Sunday morning three of us rode our Royal Enfields to Titulcia, outside of Madrid, for the aperitivo (see last post).

Robert's thinking of buying a kit that will change his fuel injected  500cc Classic from EFI back to  a carburetor version. No idea how that turns out; anybody know?

 We bought our cheeses (delicious!) and found Peluso the cat outside, interested in our bikes.

Let's have a look, then

Do I look cool now?

These funny humans...

The cheese makers

Big gut, big pumpkins

David looks pretty happy with the situation

Needless to say, when I got home, my own cats Reyitas and Pillina (2 females) sniffed and snuffled and thought the whole thing was highly irregular. Then they took a nap to think it over.

Reyitas getting sleeeeeeepy

A very exhausted Pillina

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