Monday, October 28, 2013

The First Attempt at the 3rd Annual Vuelta a la Comunidad de Madrid

First and foremost, no real harm done. No worry.
So on with the story-
We got together 9 Royal Enfields, 1 Bonneville and a black Harley 883 sportster to go around the Madrid region last Saturday.
It had been raining for 3 days but the storms passed by noon, so a few of us met early at the RE shop and then for 2nd breakfast/elevenses in Legazpi before heading out:
Emilio Mazarías at the RE shop in Madrid

Some nice bikes!

Café y churritos

Javier Ortiz in his element

Carlos of the HD is in the middle, Juanma (on left) is 73 and fitter than me!

Off we went, and only a few kilometers off the Valencia highway, now on the M-300 between Arganda and Campo Real, we started skating and sliding on gas-oil slicks from the truck traffic on the road. In front of me, the rear of Carlos's HD was swishing from side to side like a Cuban dancer's hips at the Copacabana. Ka-plooey. Down he went.
Me? I hit the front brake and down I went.
Javier had more time and dodged us before stopping.
The result: Carlos's hand swollen, my wrist sprained, my headlamp busted and the new windscreen cracked.
Poor Balita Roja!

So we called my insurance company's road service and waited for a tow.
Carlos popped for a vermouth, since I couldn't drive.

And so I got back to Madrid, dropped off the bike and went to the emergency room.

where a drunk was sleeping it off and an elderly English lady almost died as she waited.
In the end, nothing broken. Bruised knees and a sore wrist, should be ok in a few days.

Now for insurance claim filings, etc. Rather than show you that, it's always better to show a picture of how Reyitas took the news:
Lessons learned:

  1. Always wear a full helmet. The full helmet saved my life. You should see where it hit the pavement and bounced me along without hurting me in the least: right on the chin and lower jaw. Open helmets would kill you then and there.
  2.  Wear protective pants that fit. Mine are too big, the knee pads actually only cover my shins and not my knees, so I have nice black and blue swollen knees now.
  3. Get a bike with ABS. That way squeezing the brake in surprise isn't a guaranteed fall.I don't know if it works on oil spills but it's better than not having it, I'm sure. Pedro Ogrix will agree to that.
  4. When something unexpected happens like that in front of you, it's better to dodge than to try to stop short.

As my friend Alex L said, "Keep the rubber side down, John!"

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