Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Ride from Madrid to Cáceres

My friend Pedro is back in town for a few months. This is the first time my old friend Pedro and I went on a motorcycle trip together (only because I didn't get a license and a bike until last year, at the very moment he moved to Brazil).
Pedro was on his old BMW R100, fresh out of the shop with a new oil pump and battery. My Balita Roja behaved handsomely if you ask me--no shenanigans along the way.
Our route took us up to El Escorial, la Cruz Verde, Robledo de Chavela, and then down to San Martín de Valdiglesias and onto the highways down through the Valle del Tiétar to Plasencia, then the N630 to Cáceres. We got there just as night was falling, and after a bit of confusion finally found Nuria's apartment building. Stunning views from here terrace.

A lovely walk about the old city, a few tapas and vinitos.
The next morning dawned clear but chilly. We lollygagged on the terrace over coffee and didn't get out on the road until after 12 again. First stop for a bocadillo was only about 5 km from Cáceres.
The route back was to Plasencia then up along the N-110 to El Barco de Ávila, then right across the mountains of Gredos to El Tiemblo.
It was a long ride, a good ride, but I would have liked to have more time to stop and see other things along the way.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Every journey starts with the first step.
I've got my Bullet, la Balita Roja, parked outside the office and can even see it from the window. The excuse is so as to keep an eye on it but really mostly just so I can look at it and smile :)

It's mid January in Madrid and time to start planning for a long motorcycle trip in springtime. My first idea is to ride up through France to Harpenden, England, make a side trip to Redditch or even to the town of Enfield. I could be there in 3 days, I think.