Monday, April 22, 2013

A Black Classic Royal Enfield Bullet for a Day

While the Balita Roja, my traditional mount, was being re-shod (more on that later), Emilio Mazarías lent me one of his Royal Enfields to use. It was a new 500cc EFI classic, with a high spring-mounted bicycle type seat.

The ride was completely different from my Electra. The 18" wheels make the center of gravity feel lower, event though the seat rose me up considerably. The bike feels heavier but it also feels like the engine is solider. The gear rations must be different, too, so it sometimes makes the Electra feel more sluggish, and sometimes zippier.
I wasn't much pleased with the posture, where I felt my butt was scooted too far back; the heel and toe gear shift was a bit odd to me, too.
The cool factor of the classic is much higher, I have to admit.
All in all it was fun to try but I like mine better. Of course.