Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Ride to Cáceres on Christmas Eve

8 p.m. on Dec. 23.  Javi had left for the Canary Islands. Alone at home and looking at working on Christmas Eve. Sniff.
Then I sw the weather report for the 24th. Sunny and warm all day. I called my friend Nuria in Cáceres and found out she was hoping for company, too.
Next morning I had a wonderful ride down the 330 kilometers to Extremadura. In fact, I was there by lunchtime.

 We had a great time, nibbling tapas outside until almost dinnertime. Which we turned into an impromptu "smorgasbord" of our own:
My family will notice the herring, the shrimp, the bondost farmer's cheese and the knäckebröd (hardtack). I love Ikea truly I do!

Nuria's place has great views of the old city. You can rent by the day or week, if you want. She actually lives next door.
The thunder rolled in at night and in the morning the sky was grey and heavy.

It started to rain on me by 10:30 Christmas Day (I had to be back north, in Robledo, for lunch with Catherine and her mom and Carolina on the 25th!) and continued the whole drive, which took 5 hours or so. Uff. But well worth it.

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