Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ciao, Mafi! A route to Pastrana

I founded my little group (Por Madrid en 125cc ('Around Madrid in 125cc') at moterus.es when I  bought bought my first scooter and found that the big boys had their biker clubs but there wasn't anything on for us lightweights who despite our cylinder size still wanted a piece of the action (which sounds more Freudian than it is, I hope).
So I founded the group on the hopes of meeting other bikers and taking modest trips around the Comunidad de Madrid. But no one signed up. I sold my scooter, got a motorcycle license, bought my Bullet. And suddenly there were 10 people in the group. Then 20. Now 40-something. And while some do have 125cc scooters or motorcycles, some have some pretty powerful bikes but they like to go out with us anyway. Javivi has a gorgeous BMW 650 for instance and is a great guy to travel around with, so he's co-manager of the group.
Javivi going over the route plan

One of our favorite members is Carolina (nick: "Mafi"). She's on hard times and has to sell her bike and move back to her village in Valencia, so we organized a ride for her before she leaves.
Mafi, Ana and Alicia

Mafi and Javivi

Destination: lunch in Pastrana, the old capital of the Alcarria region of Spain, where the famous Princesa de Éboli lived in her palace there and was under house arrest by King Phillip II for the rest of her life.

The restaurant for lunch was a big success (Mesón Restaurante Moratín):
Pimientos rellenos de bacalao

Morcilla de Burgos
And main courses:
Roast lamb


Shish kebabs
And the company was excellent as usual:

And so were the home-made desserts:
Rice pudding

Chocolate fudge cake


Lemon mousse

Cuajada (curds with honey)

We had a nice walk around the old town:

And saw something new:
And something old:
1958 Moto Lube 125cc

Looks ok to me!
The route back was great, through the untravelled off-roads between vineyards and olive groves, the Tajo River flowing nearby.

Mafi, we wish you all the best back in your village!

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  1. You should open a scooter club and make some great plan of scooter racing.



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