Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wine Club

I confess, I've gone all chic on you. I've taken that ultimate vow, even surpassing same-sex marriages: I've joined a wine club. ENOLOBOX, from the nice people at (no idea who they are, actually, but I'm ready to be polite until further notice.
Got the first box in the mail the other day:
Pillín checking out the bouquet
 Three different bottles for 23.95 euros. They guarantee that the price of the box of 3 wines is more than 30% less than their joint retail price. This one contained 3 wines from Castilla La Mancha, but from very different areas (it's a big region in Spain).

Wines from Castilla-La Mancha (Spain)
I popped open the Laya from Almansa the other day. OMFG. Really nice, and for less than 5.75€. A garnacha and monastrell blend, smooth, milky, not at all rough or sharp, full of hidden flavors. I get prunes, apples, pears, coconut. It has that malolactic quality I'm really liking these days.

Any other bikers out there who like to pop the cork from time to time? Must be somewhere!

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  1. re-reading this post I've noticed out about Laya, wich is absolut stunning, even 6 years later, and right now it's even cheaper! 5,30€ at En Copa de Balón...


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