Thursday, January 17, 2013

Biryani at Benagli restaurant in Madrid

No bike post today. My office mates and I went into Lavapiés neighborhood in Madrid because Grant had spotted a new Bengali restaurant that looked pretty authentic. We had high hopes for getting some authentically spicy food, but got a bland rice dish instead.
Run by a Bengali family (the wife seated us and was in the kitchen a bit, her son served the table later) We (and the one other diner who arrived later) had the only dish on offer today, a beef biryani. We had a veg samosa-type thing for starters (I can't recall the name) and water, since there is no beer or wine there. No alcohol may be virtuous practice for a devout family business, but it may be hard to convince the madrileños of that.

The locale was frankly a dive, which was actually good. It reminded me of places far away. The food was ok but I expected more flavor, color, and spice. See for yourself:

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  1. Yes, the place was a dive, and the food was plain, simple, basic, and authentic home-cooking! Which makes a change from the usual fare :) And well worth the €6! I'd go back some day, even tho it was a bit of a bore without any wine!


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