Monday, February 20, 2012

Classically, at the Cruz Verde (Madrid)

For better or worse, this little grouping of restaurants at the Cruz Verde mountain pass about 40 miles NW of Madrid is THE fashion spot for motorcycle enthusiasts and has been for decades. The roads leading to it from all 4 directions are full of curves and hills and breathtaking views.
So the Intrepid 3 (Pedro, Juan Manual and I) decided to meet up with the 4th (Javier) for a coke on a bright sunny and warm (14ºC) winter day.
The ride up took us alongside the Casa de Campo, Madrid's enormous park beyond the Royal Palace). into the scrub oak estates with their old stone walls and up past El Escorial, the "monastery" built by Felipe II way back in 1584.
Upward and onward, with almost no traffic--unheard of, actually, since so many (wealthy) people have weekend houses up there.
When we got to the Cruz Verde, the parking lot was packed with every size, brand, color and model of motorcycle possible. Except for Royal Enfields (until then).
We had a coke (ok, Juan Manuel had a beer, but just one) and met up with Javier. People were admiring the old classic Enfields (my Electra looks so modern compared to theirs!). Meanwhile, my eyes wandered to a few BMWs that were coming in. A multi-colored 650GS (or was it a newer one, one of those 850s? Pedro, help ID this please!).
Then a brand new r1600RT came gliding in, ridden by a 6-foot-four-inch guy who probably swings elephants around by the tail for fun.
We then headed back home but my helmet strap kept coming undone (I hadn't put in the clasp correctly) and I fell behind and missed the turn they had taken, so I made my own way back home along a lovely route through Colmenarejo and over the Valmayor Dam.
Back by 2:00 sharp for lunch.

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