Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sunday's Ride to Chinchón and Aranjuez: love at first sight?

It was just a few days before Valentine's day, so it was bound to happen. Cupid's arrow pierced my well-chilled heart (it was about -1ºC out) when I saw this BMW F600GS. I surreptitiously took a few pics, trying not to look like a bike thief.
Later, by chance (I swear it was pure chance) I happened to park right behind Javivi when we stopped in Aranjuez. He took pics of my Balita Roja and I confessed I had already taken shots of his. When he suggested I got on and sit in the seat, I jumped at the chance.
Ahhhhhhhhh mmmmm ahhhhh! There was a lovely soft floating suspension. My god, suspension! This is something new and totally alien to me and my Balita. Imagine how it must feel to ride one!

I met lots of new people (Joe from Toronto, Mafi from Madrid, Javivi from Morata) and got to talk to old friends from other outings (Paco, Rbaldron, JuanRevi, JuanjoMago, etc) on this ride with moterus.es folks. The comeraderie was outstanding and the ride a real pleasure, even if Paco had to ride sweep with me on his Honda 250cc because the Balita Roja doesn't do fast.
The opinion was unanimous: that F600GS fits me to a tee.

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