Friday, February 3, 2012

A Frozen Red Bullet

I've finally bitten the bullet, as it were, and have rented a parking place in a garage near home. It's not a big space, mind, you, but then again, my Bullet isn't all that big a motorcycle and my old Volkswagen Golf fits into the space as well. Javi's Vespa, unfortunately, still has to sleep outside but is remarkably robust.
This was all sparked by finding my Bullet's battery dead the other day, probably due to the cold. I of course was clueless and called the shop and called the AAA towtruck, who came and jump started it in a flash.
Today the temperature was -4ºC in Madrid, clear skies but a Siberian blast of wind pushing into the Iberian peninsula. I debated taking the bus into work.
But nah, life's more fun riding the Bull!

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